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Hello ALL, As everyone knows, the tourism industry is heavily affected by Coronavirus. Travel agencies are closed, guides lose their jobs, international and long distance tours are delayed or canceled. However, going out, to somewhere new, different is always everyone's need. We can stay at home, not travel for a few months, but it's hard to continue like this for a year. On the other hand, large tours may be closed or delayed but small tours where a local guide a small group or a family can still go on, and with safety. Tour guides and small travel companies cannot lose their jobs and their income for so long. Livenguide is a useful tool that connects guides and travelers in this. Firstly, it helps travelers, especially guides in this time of difficulty. Secondly, it helps people to relax, to go out discover new places with a local....See more

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Chào cả nhà. Như mọi người đều biết ngành du lịch bị ảnh hưởng nặng nề do Coronavirus. Các công ty du lịch đóng cửa, hướng dẫn viên mất việc, các tour du lịch quốc tế, đường dài đều bị hoản hay hủy vv. Tuy nhiên đi chơi, đi tới một chỗ nào đó mới, khác luôn là nhu cầu của mọi người. Chúng ta có thể ở nhà, không đi du lịch một vài tháng, nhưng khó có thể tiếp tục như vậy cả năm. Mặt khác, các tour du lịch lớn có thể bị đóng, ngưng trệ nhưng các tour nhỏ lẻ, một hướng dẫn viên địa phương giới thiệu một nhóm nhỏ, một gia đình vẫn có thể diễn ra, và diễn ra một cách an toàn. Các HDV và người làm du lịch không thể bị mất việc và mất thu nhập quá lâu như lâu nay. Livenguide là một công cụ hữu...See more

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Air is purer during lockdown and the coronavirus time.

But what is the price for it? Is it worth to have clean air with 20% recession?

The economy structure cannot change quickly enough to GREEN to absorb all the loss of jobs because of coronvirus.  

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My company asked me/us again whether we would llike to work from home or to go the office. Of course I chosed to work from home. It is so much more convenient and can save me from commuting time of more than 3 hours a day. I can work very OK at home, at least so far there is no significant sign of stress/melancholia. I spend less on train tickets and much less on foods for lunch. And most of all, I am safer from the virus. However just a bit deeper thought shows that life is that easy. Restaurants in Birmingham, where I used to go to work, all close now. BBC shows city center of Manchester without any one. No restaurant, no barber shop, no shopping. So who will pay the taxes and keep the economy running? And  no train services, very few cars on the road. So who will need to build any train lines, any development of infrastructures? And if there is no more need for those, who will need me/us to build or design anything? To some extent I think leaders like...See more

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Just watched on CNN: There are up to 40 million Americans facing eviction because of Covid19.

40 Million!!!!

    • Tran Thi Diem Chau  Corona-crisis ! 07:50 06/09/2020
    • Lê Quang Huy  OMG! 20:10 06/09/2020
      Lê Trung Tĩnh  Yes bac Huy. There are so many things to think and write about Covid and its impact in different types of social economical system. Will try to write it out as a note for myself during this very special time. 00:22 07/09/2020
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