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Over the next few weeks, the congregation of
Kendal Road Baptist Church are making
butterflies to decorate the doors and windows of
the church building. Butterflies will be drawn on
paper, crocheted, made out of origami - in fact
all sorts of different media, as a symbol of hope
for the future as we emerge out of lockdown (a
bit like a butterfly coming out of its
cocoon). This is part of an initiative called
Butterfly Bombing and lots of different churches
all over the country are taking part in the run up
to Easter.

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This Blinken team is too weak, and seems not to understand how China is! Blinken reads softly and reluctantly. While Yang Jiechi speaks confidently to him.

Disappointed with American team!

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Some quizes where I work. I can't answer the second. Enjoy: Work Together, Play Together 1. Let’s start with shoes… name of this famous sports brand: 2. Or if you prefer heels… what is the brand of the most unique red sole heels? 3. Trousers… Jeans! Levis! What city is this brand from? If you wear it, don’t see the label! 4.  Moving to home… Great Britain… Scotland! Kilt! What is this famous tartan family name? 5. Closer home… What football team has this equipment? 6. Let’s have some accessories, Bags! What is the name of the most famous luxury bag from Loewe? 7. All the single ladies! What was the colour of Diana’s engagement ring? If you watched The Crown, you will know it! 8.  Lets see right… who universal character has those kind of glasses? ...See more

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President Biden is crumbling before our eyes Anyone familiar with the early stages of dementia will recognise the signs in Biden DOMINIC GREEN 12 March 2021 • 12:14pm Joe Biden’s decline has become so painful to see and so embarrassing to watch that it feels cruel to mention it. But it’s even more cruel that Biden’s team act as if it’s not happening, and most of America’s media look the other way.  On Thursday night , Biden marked the first anniversary of the Covid-19 shutdowns and his fiftieth day in the White House by giving the first televised address of his presidency. He hadn’t been seen in public for three days, which is what he seems to require if he’s not to unravel before the cameras. From the moment he wheezed up to the lectern and peered into the camera, you could tell Biden was on top form: croaky sentiment, sporadic belligerence, and only the occasional moment when he looked oddly...See more

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Prince Charles is all too aware of his gilded cage Food for thoughts and sympathy to some one named Charles who is the most damaged from this show biz story. Who will we become if not anymore entitled to some responsibility and duty in this life? Is freedom to tell the truth about all the most irresponsibility of all? If ever there is what we call truth.

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