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Thank you bác Song Phan for your recent writings on The Invention of China by Bill Hayton. Although I know that bac Song's status should be very interesting, I tried not to read them but use them as a reminder that I need to read Hayton. And this is today that I have the occasion to read the book. You can find it on Google book at a very good price of around £6 or 8 USD. It is good written, easy to understand so far. What we can learn now from the book is that all the notions of China, its historic vast empire, its 5000 year long history and rich culture are a combination of myth and "invention" by very recent intellectuals dated from the begining of 20th century. This invention was used later by both Chiang Khai Shek, Mao Zedong, and is now applied frequently by some Chinese leader named Xi as a way to raise nationalism among Chinese. As explained by the author, this notion of invention of China is not at all a way to belittle China, there is no need...See more

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Please to comment Why It's So Hard to Learn Another Language After Childhood BY  JAMIE DUCHARME  MAY 2, 2018 12:35 PM EDT Everyone knows that  picking up a second language  grows more difficult with age. And in a  new study , scientists have pinpointed the age at which your chances of reaching total fluency plummet: 10. The study,  published in the journal  Cognition ,  found that it’s “nearly impossible” for language learners to reach native-level fluency if they start learning a second tongue after age 10 — though that doesn’t seem to be because language skills go downhill at this age. “It turns out you’re still learning fast,” says study co-author Joshua Hartshorne, an assistant professor of psychology at Boston College. “It’s just that you run out of time, because your ability to learn starts dropping at...See more

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    • Lê Trung Tĩnh  Bài viết thú vị về việc học ngoại ngữ. Học càng sớm càng tốt. Khi học sớm thì nó sẽ không là "ngoại" ngữ nữa. 13:59 01/04/2021
    • Lê Trung Tĩnh  Và nên nghe và trao đổi trực tiếp với người bản xứ. Trong thời đại Facetime và Youtube ngày nay, Việc đó không có gì là khó khăn nữa. 14:00 01/04/2021
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The Economist  this week Highlights from the latest issue We have two covers this week. In America and Asia  we look at the backlash against globalisation . For several days, the Suez canal was blocked by the Ever Given, one of the world’s biggest container ships. Its mishap is being taken as evidence that supply chains have become a dangerous source of vulnerability. As they battle the pandemic and face up to rising geopolitical tensions, governments everywhere are switching from the pursuit of efficiency to a new mantra of resilience and self-reliance. President Joe Biden has ordered a 100-day security review of America’s supply chains. China has imposed a digital boycott of H&M in a dispute over its treatment of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. The European Union and India have clamped down on vaccine exports. This is a perilous moment for trade. Just as globalisation begets openness, so protection and subsidies in one country...See more

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