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Very interesting on how Facebook destroy democracy by their business model:

Always increase engagement from users, never allow users to slow down and think, push users to groups, polarize users. It is Facebook. Facebook can easily change a few lines of their codes to make their product safer and more helpful for democracy, but they don't. Because what they want is profit and push users to engage by liking and spreading.

Livenguide is against this business model. We deliberately slow people down.

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Trump loves lìe without Twitter and surelt acquitted for his second impeachment. Following the Sunday Times.

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Three Chinese spies posing as journalists expelled from the UK

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One of the most significant differences between democratic and authoritarian systems is that with the former we are not usually able to predict the results of the election; while with the latter, we may know the results well before the so-called election day, if there is any.   The difference is stark with recent development in the world, where we see some difficulty determining the leadership in Western countries and the contrast provided by ones like China, Russia where leaders stay in power for many terms and even decades.   The actual situation in Vietnam provides a clearer example of this difference when more than a thousand Communist party members are gathering in the thirteenth party congress to elect their leaders. Notably the top four positions: Party Secretary, President of the country, Prime Minister and Chairman of the Assembly.    The only problem is that while the congress begins on the 6th January...See more

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