Terms & Conditions


These Terms & Conditions are applied to all services offered by Livenguide.

We do believe in live with mutual respect between people and the environment. Livenguide is absolutely free of charge. Users, Guides and Travelers pay nothing to Livenguide.

Livenguide is aimed to connect People and their Activities, help them to share life experiences and participate in interesting Activities that they create on Livenguide. By signing up, Users accept the Terms & Conditions specified in this document. The assent is final and integral. In case of non-respect, misuse or abuse in whole or in part of this Terms & Conditions, Users accept that Livenguide can suspend or stop with immediate effect all or part of their admission to Livenguide services (including their Livenguide’s accounts). This decision can be temporary or indefinite according to the situation determined at Livenguide’s discretion.

Livenguide reserves the right to change terms and conditions, functions and appearance of the webpages and/or the services. 



I.1. Effective use of Livenguide's functions

Users approve to use Livenguide only to connect with people desiring to participate in Activities, to travel, to guide and share experiences. Livenguide will not be held responsible for any fraudulent, unlawful and non-authorized use of the services projected on the webpage.

Livenguide activity is to help individuals to recommend or find a service via the platform. No Guide is considered as a Livenguide employee. Livenguide is a sharing stage which helps to connect people and doesn’t interfere in the services or know-hows proposed by its Users.


I.2. User’s account

In order to benefit from all the facilities presented by Livenguide, everyone first needs to sign up to create a User's account by providing personal data (name, valid address, phone number and email address). Users must be over 18 years of age when signing up and approve not to generate or handle any other account but their own. 

Livenguide will not be held responsible in case of wrong or fraudulent information delivered by Users. Users are accountable for their accounts’ supervision and the update of their profiles. 

Livenguide can annul with immediate effect User’s account and all the related services in case of any wrong or fraudulent information given by that User.


I.3. User’s responsibility

Users are liable for the contents displayed, sent, obtained, uploaded on/downloaded from Livenguide space as: texts, photos, videos, sounds or other kinds of message.

Users commit themselves to manage their own publication rights, copyrights for the contents they use in Livenguide.

Users agree not to use Livenguide for the under-mentioned purposes:

  • Publish illegal, fake or abusive contents;
  • Promote abusively other web services or another brand competitive or harmful to Livenguide;
  • Amass personal data from other users;
  • Encourage any criminal acts;
  • Use robots/ automations to create Activities, make reservations or register users;
  • Prevent Livenguide services from operations.

Livenguide reserves the right to deactivate any content or user not respecting these terms of use.


I.4. To become a Guide on Livenguide

Users who wish to become Guides and offer Guide’s services on Livenguide agree:

  • To accomplish their Profiles and generate Activities with essential information and photographs that can attract others;
  • Not to contact Travelers directly to discuss outside of the Livenguide interaction platforms;
  • To be capable of providing the services as presented in their profiles and created Activities to best serve Travelers;
  • To organize full insurance following the Guide’s requirement and insurance for Travelers participating in the Activity if required;

Guides confirm to create on Livenguide their Profile and Activitiy information in accordance with their proper skills, expertise and experiences. Information on the itinerary, price, service, comfort, schedules, requirements for partaking and all logistical details are provided formerly to the Travelers.

Guides are free to describe their own Activities and services. Livenguide will not be responsible for non-compliance of these. However, Livenguide is committed to take steps to avoid the inconveniences to occur, reoccur based on the Review and Feedback carried out by Livenguide’s Users and Livenguide's own efforts. 

Guides must be lawfully insured in their countries or regions and must check prior to the Activity the validity and effect of their insurance and the requirements. Guides must check if the insurance covers third party, if the insurance covers all persons transported and directed as well as any consequences arising from an incident or accident that may incur along the Activity.

Guides must have at hand all documents required for the proper functioning of the activities (driving license, all kinds of permissions from local authorities if the site is required as boat, fishing license, etc.).


I.5. Communication among Users

Livenguide provides Users with connecting tools as: message system, booking system, travel agreement system, posting status (texts, images) and commenting, adding contact, like or dislike, Activity reviewing...We try our utmost to store records in all kinds but Users are requested to note that these means should be supplied with maintenance, the volume of posting and exchanging could be limited and their content could be deleted with time. Livenguide cannot be responsible for the inconvenience there from.

Users are solely responsible for the contents that they produce, post, send, receive, upload on/download from Livenguide.

Even though Livenguide is not responsible for the content created by its Users and of the exchanges between Users, Livenguide has the right to filter some posts to enforce the general terms of use, if need be.

When Guide is contacted or her/his Activity is booked by Traveler, Guide must be available to reply to the request within 48 hours. A conversation is to be carried out via Livenguide’s communication platform. The accomplishment of the negotiation will be the Agreement with sufficient information of the Activity.


I.6. On the days of Activity

Mutual Respect

Guide and Traveler are bound to be on time at the confirmedly agreed meeting place for the Activity. Guide and Traveler shall inform each other immediately in case of Activity change, delay, and lateness. Generally, Guide must wait for Traveler at the agreed meeting place for at least 30 minutes after the agreed time.

During the service, Guide is required to be in soberness, not having any intoxicant (alcohol or drug) affecting their capacity and/or attention. Guide is also committed to provide the proper safety equipment necessary for the Activity.

Traveler agrees to comply with the condition/caution expressed by Guide, and not to interfere in the good running of the Guide’s activity.

Respect the law and custom

Travelers and Guides must respect the local law, state/province of the country and place of the service, without any exception.

Travelers and Guides are required to respect the morals and customs of local peoples of where they participate in the Activity.

Respect the environment

Travelers and Guides commit to respect the environment upon their visit and to respect the people at any time.

Livenguide’s Users commit to respect the environment, not to litter the place of Activity, not to damage the environment, public transportation, etc.


I.7. Payment and fees

Livenguide is completely free. Guides and Travelers do not pay anything to Livenguide before and after the Activity.

Guide and Traveler mutually agree the price of the services, the time and means of the payment.

Guides are exclusively responsible for the compliance with local tax rules and principles, principally in terms of taxes applicable to their activity. 

Guide and Traveler will be responsible for expenses for the Activity, agreed prior to the Activity, due to any types of event during and after the Activity. Livenguide will not be responsible for any possible financial issues or losses between Guide and Traveler as well as to any third party.


I.8. Review and Feedback

Guides and Travelers are free to give their Review, to share their understanding on the communication platform of Livenguide. Each User is invited to leave an opinion after the Activity, which is the base of a community sharing site. Guides and Travelers agree in advance that these reviews may be published on Livenguide.

No User is allowed to publish derogatory, abusive or invading information to other Users or a third party. Livenguide will delete any content and information contrary to its ethics: mutual respect to people and environment.



Livenguide is not responsible for the content provided by the Users: Activity, comment, chat, review, response, post, etc. Nonetheless, once it has been drawn to Livenguide attention that the content is conflicting to Livenguide’s principles or disturbs the rights of other groups, Livenguide will take necessary steps to instantaneously eradicate this content from the site and possibly suspend or withdraw Users account.

Users of Livenguide are acting under their sole responsibility. Livenguide is a go-between service provider and does not control in any way the quality, precision and hazards of the undertakings presented by the Users. Therefore, the actual operation of the Activity does not involve Livenguide’s responsibility whatsoever.

Livenguide only provides an intermediate facility for people to encounter. Livenguide will not be liable due to harmfulness or losses that might have occurred such as: misinformation from the Guide on Activity and its terms; annulment of an activity by the Guide or the Traveler; deceitful behavior or Guide/Traveler’s fault before, during or after the Activity, the non-compliance of the conditions of use (including the use of special equipment/material/vehicles), or non-compliance with local laws.

The access to the webpage or service can be interrupted in case of maintenance, upgrades of hardware or software, or by any circumstance outside the jurisdiction of Livenguide (e.g., failure of connections and telecommunications equipment). Livenguide commits itself to take all required actions to reduce these troubles. Users recognize and agree that Livenguide will not be liable for any unavailability, suspension or interruption of the service and cannot be held responsible for any direct and indirect losses of any incurring from this fact.

Guides are merely accountable for the expense of their Activities. Travelers and Guides are solely responsible for their participation in the Activity. Guides are obligated to provide all essential security means to accomplish the Activity in good conditions and to ensure its understanding and use by the Travelers, for the proper operation.

Nevertheless, Livenguide commits itself to do its best to ensure the quality of all the Activities provided on its space.



III.1. Personal data security

Personal information security and privacy is Livenguide’s top priority. Livenguide applies all possible way to prevent your personal information from being distorted, damaged, or accessed by other party.

Only Livenguide employees and service providers whose task is to operate the webpage and/or provide the service have access to some of your information. Access to your data is encrypted and protected with the best available techniques.

However, Livenguide is not liable for Users’ personal information being distorted, damaged or accessed by other party due to an act of hack or an act of similar nature from other party that is obviously beyond the control of Livenguide.


III.2. Right to access, update personal data and objection

In accordance with French Law n°78-17 of 6th January 1978, Users have the right to access and rectify your personal data by contacting the master of the webpage, except for the data that you provided in Livenguide platform and in your Profile since it is your own responsibility to modify and update them.

Users have the right to object free of charge, that their data be transferred to any third party by contacting the master of the webpage.

Livenguide’s Users commit to renew, as much as necessary, their personal information. Users further agree that their personal data is accurate, complete and clear. Users can access their account 24/7, using their password in order to update or modify the personal information they have provided by using Livenguide’s platform.


III.3. Transmission of Users’informationto accredited parties

To bring best service to its Users, Livenguide reserves the right to transfer Users’ data to accredited third parties, all data is in non-identifiable and aggregate form. For example, these data can be the countries with most Livenguide’s Users or the average price of activities in certain region in the world. This information do not in any case permit to identify any User personally.

Livenguide respects deeply the freedom of information and does not provide personal information of Users to any third party who can cause any limit to the freedom of information.


III. 4. Livenguide protects freedom of speech

Livenguide is committed to protecting users' freedom of expression. Founded and developed by social activists, Livenguide understands the importance of being able to honestly inform and express your thoughts. In rare situations where Livenguide must delete post or close User's account that does not respect the terms, Livenguide will inform, explain and find the most appropriate solutions for all parties involved. We respect and put users in the center of our development.



Livenguide Ltd is a company in the United Kingdom, based in London 71-75 Shelton Street, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. Livenguide is represented by Mr. Le Trung Tinh and his friends who are social activists.

Livenguide is a registered trademark (n°154190426, Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle), created in France, under national registered number of 750 189 185 R.C.S. Nanterre, represented by Mr. Le Trung Tinh.

Livenguide complies with the United Kingdom and Europe's General Data Protection Regulation. This is the strictest law on protection of User data.

Livenguide is the sole owner of the intellectual properties available on this webpage including wording contents, graphical factors, pictures, logo, icons, software, sounds and any files therein.

In accordance with the simplified standard No 48 (CNIL deliberation No 2005-112 of 7th June 2005 - JO No 149 of 28th June 2005), the webpage platform has been declared to the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) under registration number 1942316.

Any imitation, partially or fully of the Livenguide’s webpage initiative, webpage, information, speech must have prior written authorization from Livenguide. The webpage reader approves not to replicate the contents of the webpage. Unauthorized using of the Livenguide’s webpage forms a violation, may result to legal proceedings or prosecution or legal penalties.